Community Work

Ilene Sova has a strong belief in community arts practices being the foundation for her studio practice. She works in several areas of community building and contributions in order to fulfill this aspect of her work.


Ilene Sova developed the children’s art programme Blank Canvases out of Walnut Studios. This programme places artist educators in the classroom to teach children about local Toronto artists. After the lesson children create art influenced by the themes in the artists’ work. To see a video of the programme click here!


One of the mandates of the Blank Canvases programme is to raise money so that children and schools which can’t afford the extra programming can afford it. With the committee at Walnut Studios Ilene Sova raises money at large art inspired fundraisers twice a year. This event had guests painting a large outdoor mural together. It raised enough money to go into 33 classrooms and serviced 745 students.


Ilene Sova lecturing at Southern University New York Geneseo on Art and Social Change and Violence Against Women.



Ilene Sova was invited by Artscape to speak on a panel and assist in a workshop on Creative Entrepreneurship.


Ilene Sova speaking on the Missing Women Project at the Montreal Massacre Memorial event put on by Sandgate Shelter.



Ilene Sova does volunteer work with Youth Direct a community group for youth from an at risk neighbourhood. The young people come to the studio for workshops and tours of the artist spaces.


Ilene Sova speaking on a panel for Room Magazine about feminist community organizing and social change.