Heroinas Drawings

Social justice: A concept based upon the belief that each individual and group within a given society has a right to civil liberties, equal opportunity, fairness, and participation in the educational, economic, institutional, social and moral freedoms and responsibilities valued by the community.

— “Cultural Competency Handbook,” R. Degan and Dr. M. Disman, Department of Public Health Sciences, University of Toronto

Artist Statement

Portrait painting subjects in the history of art have been of our elite, our monarchs, our political leaders, and religious figures.

In the past women have been painted as sexual objects, to be purchased, fetishized, and enjoyed by the male gaze.

As a feminist contemporary portrait painter, it is my goal to paint portraits of women to emphasize their importance in our society and to monumentalize them – through a female gaze.

All over the world movements are happening to progress issues of social justice. Those revolutions are pushing forward and in many cases are being led by strong, passionate women whose goal is to push towards equality and social justice for all people.

Coming to Barcelona last summer for an art showcase, I was very touched and impressed with the women that I met – their strength, their strong opinions and their convictions towards their politics.

For this show, I wanted to paint the women, from here, who possessed those characteristics and who had devoted their passions to working towards social justice in their communities.

I have painted these women to celebrate their hard work, document their contributions and to make a record of all that they have done and continue to do for their community.


Empar Moliner Heroina

Cristina Peri Rossi Heroina

Marta Darder Heroina

Ilene Sova, 2013

Diana J. Torres Heroina

Lady Pain Heroina

Rosa Mª Sardà Heroina

Núria Espert Heroina